Q: Who works in the Media Center?

A: Mrs. Burnette is the Media Specialist. Mrs. Stober and Mrs. Darr are the Media Center Aides. You will also find parent volunteers here throughout the week. We are all here to help you. Be sure to ask! 


Q: When is the Media Center open?

A: Monday - Friday 7:25 - 3:30

Q: May I come to the Media Center during lunch?

A: Yes. You may stop by on your way to or from lunch. If you need to visit for a more extended amount of time, you can come to the Media Center during Bear Time. 


Q: What materials may I check out?

A: Students may check out fiction and nonfiction books. Reference books (with an R on the spine) do not check out.

Q: How many items may I have at once?

A: Four! It may be any combination of books - novels, graphic novels, or nonfiction titles. You may also check out multiple installments from the same series.

Q: How long may I keep things?

A: You may keep any book for 2 weeks.

Q: May I renew my books and magazines?

A: You may renew any item as needed. If your title is being held by another student, we will renew it once and let you know another student is waiting on it.

Q: What happens when a book is overdue?

A: You can always check when your books are due through our online catalog, Destiny Discover. Periodically, you will get an overdue notice in your ELA class. We ask that you return or renew overdue books as soon as possible. We do not charge fines, but we do expect Upton students to treat our materials and each other with courtesy. Our library books are here for everyone to share.

Q: May I check anything out if I have an overdue?

A: Yes, but we will remind you about any overdues on your record and expect that they be returned or renewed as soon as possible. If multiple or extended overdues become a pattern, Mrs. Burnette may have to limit your use of further materials.

Q: What happens if my book is lost or damaged?

A: If your book is damaged, Mrs. Burnette will determine if it can be repaired. If it is beyond repair or lost, you must pay to replace the book. We will give you the price and add $3.00 to cover the cost of covering and processing it. You may NOT replace the book with another book. If you find a lost book and have already paid to replace it, we will refund your money.

Student Guidelines

Q: May I have food, candy or drinks in the Media Center?

A: We do allow you to eat the snacks sold in the media center at the tables - but no drinks or food at the computers.

Q: Do I have to whisper in the Media Center?

A: Use a "smart voice". Think about the people working around you. You do not want to disturb them.

Q: If I decide I don't want a book that I took from the shelf, what should I do?

A: Just bring it to the circulation desk and one of us will put it back for you.

Q: If my teacher sends me to the Media Center to work or check out a book, what should I bring?

A: You need to sign in when you enter, let someone know your purpose for visiting, and complete your task.

Snacks and Other Sales

Q: What is always for sale in the Media Center?

A: Snacks and small bottles of water are for sale for the posted prices. Pencils from the machines start as .25 cents each.

Q: When should I come to shop?

A. The best times to shop are before and after school. You may come between classes, but be sure you are not tardy for class! No snacks will be sold during the flex block that contains Advisory, Bear Time and Lunch. 

Q: Do I need the exact amount of money?

A: No, we can typically make change, but we reserve the right to refuse bills larger than $20.

Q: How is the money used?

A: The money is used for special events like visiting authors and also for extra books and other materials for you!

Q: Are there special sales?

A: Yes! We have Book Fairs twice each year and sometimes have special things for sale.

Enjoy using your Upton Media Center!